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Winter 2015-16

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Ski Report 09/16/2016 3pm
10 Day HistoryStateResortOpenSnow BaseSnow SummitNew SnowTemp BaseTemp SummitFore cast
ChartORTimberline LodgeClosed, Check Website for Times0005757, Click For the 7 Day Forecast!
ChartUTSnowbirdClosed, Check Website for Timesnanananana, Click For the 7 Day Forecast!
ChartCAAlpine MeadowsClosed, Check Website for Timesnanananana, Click For the 7 Day Forecast!
SQUAWVALLYCASquaw ValleyClosed, nana 
ChartCAMammoth Mt.Closed, Check Website for Timesnanananana, Click For the 7 Day Forecast!
ChartCLPortilloOpen, Check Website for Timesnanananana 
ChartCLEl ColoradoOpen, Check Website for Times000nana 
ChartCLLa ParvaOpen, Check Website for Times07503636 
ChartCLValle NavadoOpen, Check Website for Times000nana 
ChartCOArapahoe BasinClosed, Check Website for Times0na000, Click For the 7 Day Forecast!
ChartARLas LenasOpen, Check Website for Timesnanananana 
ChartAUFalls CreekOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartAUMt.Baw BawOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartAUMt. BullerOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartAUMt. HothamOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartAUPerisherOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartAUThredboOpen, Check Website for Times000nana 
ChartAUCharlotte PassOpen, Check Website for Times000nana 
ChartAUSelwyn SnowfieldOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZCoronet PeakOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZMt HuttOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZTurao-Mt RuapehuOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZManganuiOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZCardronaOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZCraigieburn ValleyOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZMt DobsonOpen, Check Website for Times28280nana 
ChartNZBroken RiverOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZMt. OlympusOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZOhau Snow FieldsOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZThe RemarkablesOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZTreble ConeOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartNZRainbowOpen, Check Website for Times0003232 
ChartABSunshine VillageClosed, Check Website for Times00000 

OPEN/CLOSED status is for the Season, CHECK for Daily/Weekday Open Dates & Times
Resort Openings are Weather dependent and can CHANGE at any time
Check Out the Snow Pack and Temps from the Weather Stations
Red Numbers indicate 2 or more inches of New Snow!
  Orange Numbers indicate Temps greater than 33 degrees

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