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Winter 2010-11
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The goal is to be the best web guide in the Northwest for skiing, snowboarding, snow conditions, cams, weather, and road conditions. We are trying to provide the most complete information on ski areas and how to get there. came from the idea that there could be one place to find most of the information for enjoying skiing/snowboarding in the Northwest. Have you ever planned a trip to a new place and had a heck of a time getting all the data needed, what's the resort like, where are the places to stay, what's the weather been like, how are the roads. Or, have you planned a trip and as time draws near, you would like to know if there are any specials events, deals, road conditions (am I chain'n up or what). is network of skiers and snowboarders that have shared their time and experience to get you the most information in one spot. Our objective was to make a site that was fast, quick to load, and easy to navigate. Our view is bigger too, it is not just the ski area, not just roads, not just weather, not just lodging, we want to give you all that and just a little local color, what newcomers would need to know.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us, and we want to hear from you, how can we make things better, what links have we missed.

Best Regards and See You on the Snow,



So why the tiger?

The Siberian Tiger is the largest member of the cat family and makes it home roaming the mountains in the snowy cold. We too cover the terrain and make our home in the snow. If you would like to find out more information on the Amur (Siberian Tiger), checkout our link page, TIGERS. tracks down the websites and brings it home for you.

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