skiTiger Maps
From: I-84 Exit 261 To: Brundage
Driving Distance: 194.7 miles Time: 3 hours, 17 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
12:00 PM0.0 1   Depart I-84 Exit 261 [Food, Gas, Diesel, Lodging, Store, Open 24 Hrs, ATM, Car Repair, Medical Services, Play Area, Truck Parking, Truck Services, Truck Wash, RV Parking] on I-84 (South-East) for 94.3 mi
Resurfacing near North Powder from 07/06/01 to 09/20/02
1:27 PM94.3At I-84 Exit 356, turn off onto Ramp for 0.2 mi
1:27 PM94.5Merge onto SR-201 [Olds Ferry Ontario Hwy] (East) for 11.5 mi
1:40 PM106.0Turn LEFT (North) onto US-95 Spur [Weiser Spu] for 2.2 mi
1:42 PM108.0Entering Idaho
1:42 PM108.2Continue (North) on W Commercial St [US-95 Spur] for 10 yds
1:42 PM108.2Continue (North) on US-95 Spur for 142 yds
1:42 PM108.3Bear LEFT (North) onto W 7th St [US-95 Spur] for 131 yds
1:42 PM108.3Turn RIGHT (East) onto W Main St [US-95 Spur] for 0.5 mi
1:43 PM108.8Turn LEFT (North) onto US-95 [State St] for 78.0 mi
Bridge work in Cambridge from 06/07/02 to 02/28/03
3:08 PM186.8Continue (East) on SR-55 for 7.8 mi
3:17 PM194.6Turn LEFT (East) onto Local road(s) for 131 yds
3:17 PM194.7 2   Arrive Brundage