skiTiger Maps
From: Portland To: Mt. Bachelor
Driving Distance: 185.3 miles Time: 3 hours, 31 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
12:00 PM0.0 1   Depart Portland on SW Harbor Dr (North) for 0.5 mi
12:01 PM0.5Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto SR-99W [SW Front Ave] for 164 yds
12:01 PM0.6Turn off onto Ramp for 131 yds towards Hawthorne Bridge
12:01 PM0.6Bear RIGHT (East) onto Hawthorne Bridge for 0.3 mi
12:01 PM0.9Continue (East) on Ramp for 0.4 mi towards Hawthorne Blvd.
12:02 PM1.3Merge onto SR-99E [SE Grand Ave] (North) for 0.9 mi
12:03 PM2.2Turn off onto Ramp for 0.2 mi towards I-84 / US-30 / Portland Airport / The Dalles
12:04 PM2.3Merge onto I-84 [US-30] (East) for 12.7 mi
12:17 PM15.0At I-84 Exit 16, turn off onto Ramp for 0.3 mi towards 238th Dr. / Wood Village
12:18 PM15.3Turn RIGHT (South) onto (NE) 238th Dr for 1.0 mi
12:19 PM16.3Continue (South) on (NE) 242nd Dr for 0.6 mi
12:20 PM16.9Continue (South) on NE Hogan Rd [NE 242nd Ave] for 1.0 mi
12:21 PM17.9Continue (South) on NE 242nd Ave [NE Hogan Ave] for 0.2 mi
12:22 PM18.1Bear LEFT (South-East) onto (NE) Burnside St for 0.7 mi
12:23 PM18.8Continue (South-East) on US-26 [Mt Hood Hwy] for 40.9 mi
Resurfacing near Mount Hood NF from 01/11/02 to 08/30/02
1:08 PM59.7Bear RIGHT (East) onto Ramp for 0.2 mi
1:08 PM59.9Bear RIGHT (East) onto US-26 [Warm Springs Hwy] for 62.4 mi
Construction in Maupin from 10/08/01 to 09/20/02
2:17 PM122.3Continue (South) on US-97 [SW HWY-97] for 38.0 mi
2:59 PM160.3Bear LEFT (South) onto US-20 [US-97] for 2.6 mi
3:03 PM162.9Turn RIGHT (West) onto US-20 Bus [NE Greenwood Ave] for 43 yds
3:03 PM162.9 2   At Bend, stay on US-20 Bus [NE Greenwood Ave] (West) for 0.5 mi
3:04 PM163.4Turn RIGHT (West) onto NW Newport Ave for 1.0 mi
3:06 PM164.4Turn LEFT (South) onto (NW) 14th St for 1.0 mi
3:08 PM165.4Continue (South) on Century Drive Hwy [SW Century Dr] for 9.8 mi
3:19 PM175.2Bear RIGHT (West) onto CR-46 for 9.7 mi
3:30 PM184.9Bear LEFT (South-West) onto Local road(s) for 0.4 mi
3:31 PM185.2Turn LEFT (South) onto Local road(s) for 87 yds
3:31 PM185.3 3   Arrive Mt. Bachelor