skiTiger Maps
From: Bend To: Anthony Lakes
Driving Distance: 266.0 miles Time: 4 hours, 55 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
12:00 PM0.0 1   Depart Bend on US-20 Bus [NE Greenwood Ave] (East) for 43 yds
12:00 PM0.1Turn LEFT (North) onto US-20 [NE 3rd St] for 2.6 mi
12:03 PM2.6Bear RIGHT (North) onto US-97 [N HWY-97] for 13.8 mi
12:19 PM16.5Turn RIGHT (East) onto SR-126 [SW Evergreen Ave] for 18.2 mi
Construction in Powell Butte from 11/05/01 to 08/19/02
12:39 PM34.6Continue (East) on US-26 [W 3rd St] for 146.0 mi
Interchange Reconstruction in Prineville from 07/15/02 to 12/02/02
3:19 PM180.6Turn LEFT (North-West) onto Ramp for 0.1 mi
3:19 PM180.7Merge onto SR-7 (North) for 51.1 mi
4:15 PM231.8Bear LEFT (North) onto US-30 [Main St] for 13.3 mi
4:30 PM245.1Turn LEFT (West) onto Muddy Creek Rd [Haines Cemetery Rd] for 1.3 mi
4:32 PM246.4Turn RIGHT (West) onto Anthony Lakes Hwy [Muddy Creek Rd] for 11.1 mi
4:45 PM257.5Bear RIGHT (North) onto FR-7302 Rd for 1.5 mi
4:47 PM259.0Bear LEFT (West) onto FR-73 Rd for 6.9 mi
4:55 PM265.9Turn RIGHT (North) onto Local road(s) for 164 yds
4:55 PM266.0 2   Arrive Anthony Lakes